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Business Disputes


1. Intellectual Property Disputes

If you're dealing with intellectual property infringement, it's crucial to act promptly. Infringement can harm your revenue and reputation. Our skilled solicitors offer pragmatic solutions. We'll assess your options, aiming for an out-of-court settlement. If needed, we'll pursue injunctions and leverage our litigation expertise for a fair resolution.

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2. Commercial Property Disputes

Whether you're a landlord or tenant of a commercial property, disputes can be costly and disruptive. Our expert commercial property dispute solicitors offer immediate assistance and ongoing guidance to prevent future issues, ensuring smooth business operations.


3. Commercial Contract Disputes

Our commercial contract disputes solicitors handle a wide range of contract and agreement disputes, seeking resolution through alternative dispute methods and litigation when necessary. To prevent contract disputes, consider having a specialist contract law solicitor draft your agreements. Our lawyers collaborate across legal domains to secure the best outcome for your business.


4. Professional Negligence Disputes

Professional negligence can severely impact businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our expert litigation solicitors specialize in high-value claims against professionals, including financial advisors and insurance companies, assisting a broad range of enterprises across industries. We provide strategic guidance for your claim, whether through negotiation or litigation, to address the fallout of negligent professional advice.


5. Shareholder Disputes

Ignoring a shareholder dispute can escalate it into a personal and emotionally charged issue, complicating the resolution process. Our shareholder dispute solicitors are dedicated to helping you navigate this challenging situation. We prioritize open communication, provide clear legal options, and offer guidance to facilitate a swift and effective resolution.


6. Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes are delicate and can impact both the business and personal relationships. Our experienced solicitors understand the unique complexities of these cases and aim for sensitive and efficient resolutions, utilizing alternative dispute resolution methods when appropriate.

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7. Construction Disputes 

Construction and engineering projects are inherently complex, often leading to disputes due to tight deadlines and the need for cost and quality control. Our experienced construction dispute lawyers are prepared to address claims of all sizes promptly, offering practical advice for minimal business disruption. Should the need for dispute resolution or litigation arise, we stand ready to advocate on your behalf.

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